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Author: Gerald Dillingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: safety, concerns, congressional, testimony, ambulance, address, potential, strategies, aviation, air
Number of Pages: 21
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437917496
ISBN-13: 9781437917499

Air ambulance transport is widely regarded as improving the chances of survival for trauma victims and other critical patients. However, recent increases in the number of air ambulance accidents have led to greater industry scrutiny by govżt. agencies, the public, the media, and the industry itself. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and others have called on the FAA, which provides safety oversight, to issue more stringent safety requirements for the industry. This testimony discusses: (1) recent trends in the air ambulance industry with regard to its size, composition, and safe

Author: Gerald L. Dillingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: services, unclear, changes, industry, ambulance, effects, air
Number of Pages: 61
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 1437940722
ISBN-13: 9781437940725

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Changes in the air ambulance (AA) industry's size and structure have led to differences of opinion about the implications for AA use, safety, and services. Some industry stakeholders believe that greater state regulation would be good for consumers. While states can regulate the medical aspects of AA, the Airline Deregulation Act preempts states from economic regulation of AA. Other stakeholders view the industry changes as having been beneficial to consumers and see no need for a regulatory change. This report examined: (1) chan

Author: Marcia Crosse
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: longer, wait, recommended, time, frames, patients, occur, emergency, departments, crowding, continues, hospital
Number of Pages: 58
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437917429
ISBN-13: 9781437917420

Of the estimated 119 million visits to U.S. emergency depts. (ED) in 2006, over 40% were paid for by federally-supported programs -- Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insur. Program. There have been reports of crowded conditions in ED often associated with adverse effects on patient quality of care. In 2003, it was reported that most ED in metropolitan areas experienced some degree of crowding. For ex., two out of every three metropolitan hospitals reported going on ambulance diversion -- asking ambulances to bypass their ED and instead transport patients to other facilities.

Author: United States, Congress
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: densely, populated, rural, areas, trips, targeted, services, medicare, payments, ambulance
Number of Pages: 44
ISBN-10: 1428938966
ISBN-13: 9781428938960

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Eme
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: scene, injured, transport, guidelines, recommendations, sick, care, personnel, ambulance, others, responsible, emergency, training
Number of Pages: 34
Published: 1968
eBookDB-ID: NAP:13827

Author: Tom Reynolds
Publisher: Friday Books
Keywords: inner, city, ambulance, adventures, life, sweat, tea, real, blood
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 1905548230
ISBN-13: 9781905548231

Blood, Sweat and Tea started as a blog called Random Acts of Reality. The author of both is an EMT for the London Ambulance Service in East London. Having read some of the entries transcribed in the book I realized that I have read them in the blog, though at the time I was not a regular subscriber to the blog. I've enjoyed the book enough to subscribe to the blog so I will be a regular reader in the future. Therein is the main problem with the book, it is a better blog than it is a book. Without the blog framework of date stamps and comments it is hard to see the natural flow of events fr

Author: Harry S. Hertz
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: national, quality, program, baldrige, excellence, care, criteria, performance, health
Number of Pages: 62
Published: 2000-04
ISBN-10: 0756700051
ISBN-13: 9780756700058

Whether you are a CEO, a health care executive, a health care professional, a staff member committed to improving your organization, or a health profession student, the Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence can help you prepare for the changes occurring in today's health care environment. Whether your org. is small or large, involved in ambulance service or health maintenance, the Criteria can help you assess & measure performance on a wide range of key indicators: patient/customer, health care service & outcomes, operational, staff, & financial. You can perform a self-asses
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