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Author: London National Training School for Cookery
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: cookery, added, london, principles, health, disease, kensington, diet, south, book, hand, national, training, school, lessons
Number of Pages: 414
Published: 2008-08
ISBN-10: 1429012056
ISBN-13: 9781429012058

"THE present work on cookery appeared in England under the title of " The Official Hand-Book of the National Training School for Cookery," and it contains the lessons on the preparation of food which were practised in that institution. It has been reprinted in this country with some slight revision, for the use of American families, because of its superior merits as a cook-book to be consulted in the ordinary way, and also because it is the plainest, simplest, and most perfect guide to self-education in the kitchen that has yet appeared. In this respect it represents a very marked advance in a

Author: Fannie Farmer
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: cookery, book, new
Number of Pages: 634
Published: 2008-01-04
ISBN-10: 1429011785
ISBN-13: 9781429011785

Fannie Farmer's 1912 "A New Book of Cookery" was designed as a sequel to her "The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book." Covering the "whole range of cookery," this volume contains both simple, inexpensive recipes and expensive, elaborate ones, providing home cooks with a comprehensive source for recipes.

Author: Pierre Blot
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: professional, cooks, ladies, cookery, practical, handbook
Number of Pages: 490
Published: 2008-08-01
ISBN-10: 1429012722
ISBN-13: 9781429012720

Published in 1868 by renowned cooking teacher Pierre Blot, The Handbook of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks is a masterwork of French Cookery. An enigmatic figure, Blot came to America as a refugee from Napoleonic France and in 1865 he opened Professor Blot's Culinary Academy of Design in New York City, arguably the first French cooking school in America. This book is an extension of these classes, in which he taught that French cookery emphasized the "good things in life" making one's mind and body better.

Author: Richard Hosking
Publisher: Oxford Symposium
Keywords: cookery, food, symposium, proceedings, eggs, oxford
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2007
ISBN-10: 1903018544
ISBN-13: 9781903018545

The 25th Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery was on the subject of Eggs in Cooking. One hundred and forty delegates came from all over the world, including most of the countries of Western and Central Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Australia, as well as Southeast Asia, China and Japan. This is by far the widest geographical distribution the Symposium has ever achieved. Contributors to the volume include Bee Wilson, Pia Lim Castillo, Ken Albala, William Rubel, Rien Fertel, Fritz Blank, Phyllis Thompson Reid, Zona Spray Stark, Ursula Heinzelmann, Hervé This, Naomichi

Author: E. Hinckley
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: cookery, progressive
Number of Pages: 166
Published: 2008-03-01
ISBN-10: 1429011386
ISBN-13: 9781429011389

The recipes in this 1892 volume were compiled from lessons given by Mrs. Hinckley at the School of Cookery. The book is designed to allow the home cook to progress from simple to more complicated recipes within their own home.

Author: Catherine Owen
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: cookery, choice
Number of Pages: 334
Published: 2007-12-15
ISBN-10: 1429011475
ISBN-13: 9781429011471

Published in 1889 by prolific cookbook author Catherine Owen, this work was designed to appeal to women looking for the "newest and best in modern cookery." Originally written for Harper's Bazar, Owen's work was aimed at the upper class household seeking culinary elegance, rather than household economy.

Author: Harlan Walker
Publisher: Oxford Symposium
Keywords: food, cookery, symposium, oxford, proceedings, meal
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 1903018242
ISBN-13: 9781903018248

This volume of papers presented at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery follows the pattern of previous collections. The Symposium entitled Food and Memory was held in September 2000 at St Antony's College, Oxford uner the joint chairmaship of Alan Davidson and Theodore Zeldin.
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