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Author: Doug Pifer
Publisher: DIANE Publishing Inc.
Keywords: cookbook, game, pennsylvania
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2007-08
ISBN-10: 1422315029
ISBN-13: 9781422315026

Over the years, a significant percentage of the letters which came into the żPennsylvania Game Newsż office were concerned with game cooking. Readers either wanted to share favorite recipes or requested information on ways of preparing game birds or animals they had bagged. Enough letters suggested that żGame Newsż put out a game cookbook that early in 1978 they asked readers to send along their favorite recipes. So many were sent in that the editors had to select an assortment for most of the game birds & animals that Pennsylvania hunters are most likely to bring home. This cookbook inclu

Author: Tanja Sihvonen
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: culture, gaming, sims, modding, unleashed, players
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2011-07-15
ISBN-10: 9089642013
ISBN-13: 9789089642011

It has been ten years since video game giant Electronic Arts first released The Sims, the best-selling game that allows its players to create a household and then manage every aspect of daily life within it. And since its debut, gamers young and old have found ways to “mod” The Sims, a practice in which gamers manipulate the computer code of a game, and thereby alter it to add new content and scenarios.                In Players Unleashed!—the first study of its kind—Tanja Sihvonen provides a fascinating examination of modding, tracing its evolution and detailing its imp

Author: Richard Connell
Publisher: Arc Manor LLC
Keywords: original, masterpiece, connell, richard, game, dangerous
Number of Pages: 49
Published: 2007-10
ISBN-10: 1604500298
ISBN-13: 9781604500295

On his way to hunt jaguars in the Brazilian jungle, a professional hunter is marooned on remote island inhabited by a fellow hunter who pursues unusual game.

Author: Ari Feldman
Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: graphics, game, computer, arcade, designing
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 2000-11-01
ISBN-10: 1556227558
ISBN-13: 9781556227554

Graphics play a central role in the computer gaming experience, and arcade-style games are no exception. Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics emphasizes the development of quality graphics for 2D arcade-style computer games, both online and offline, including such topics as game design and documentation, graphics tools, animation, proper color usage, and fonts. Graphic designer and animator Ari Feldman provides a step-by-step example of designing 2D graphics and animation for an arcade-style game. * Understand the capabilities of various display modes and learn the nuances of designing f

Author: Dave Szulborski
Publisher: Incunabula
Keywords: gaming, reality, alternate, guide, game
Number of Pages: 397
Published: 2005-04-12
ISBN-10: 1411625951
ISBN-13: 9781411625952

Imagine a world of mystery and excitement, adventure and fantasy, waiting for you to explore. A world that reacts to your every move, with characters and companies that talk to you, send you messages, and even give you items to help you in your quest. A world so immersive that you can no longer tell where the reality ends and the fiction begins. Welcome to the world of Alternate Reality Gaming. This Is Not A Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming by Dave Szulborski is the perfect introduction to the unique and exciting world of Alternate Reality Games. Written by the creator of five success

Author: Jan Simons
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: game, cinema, trier, von, waves, lars, playing
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2007-09-15
ISBN-10: 9053569790
ISBN-13: 9789053569795

Dogma 95, the avant-garde filmmaking movement founded by the Danish director Lars von Trier and three of his fellow directors, was launched in 1995 at an elite cinema conference in Paris—when von Trier was called upon to speak about the future of film but instead showered the audience with pamphlets announcing the new movement and its manifesto. A refreshingly original critical commentary on the director and his practice, Playing the Waves is a paramount addition to one of new media’s most provocative genres: games and gaming.   Playing the Waves cleverly puns on the title of one of von

Author: Günzel, Stephan (Hrsg.) , Liebe, Michael (Hrsg.) ,
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Potsdam
Keywords: game, computer, structure, logic
Number of Pages: 243
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 3869560649
ISBN-13: 9783869560649

The fourth volume of the DIGAREC Series holds the proceedings to the conference Logic and Structure of the Computer Gameʺ, held at the House of Brandenburg- Prussian History in Potsdam on November 6 and 7, 2009. The conference was the first to explicitly address the medial logic and structure of the computer game. The contributions focus on the specific potential for mediation and on the unique form of mediation inherent in digital games. This includes existent, yet scattered approaches to develop a unique curriculum of game studies. In line with the concept of ‘mediality’, the notions of
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