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Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: reviews, oecd, policy, rural, canada, qubec
Number of Pages: 307
Published: 2010-06-11
ISBN-10: 926408214X
ISBN-13: 9789264082144

In rural Qubec, both population and personal income are growing, on average, and the province's economic base continues to diversify. Land occupancy is more homogenous than in the rest of Canada, due to the presence of denser networks of small and medium-sized communities. However, mirroring the situation at the national level, the province displays large regional disparities. The sustainability of some rural communities, especially if remote and resource-based, is challenged by demographic and economic decline. In this context, Qubec has developed one of the most advanced rural policy approac

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: des, gestion, coles, systmes, modles, nouveaux, demain, rseaux, innovation, vers, cole
Number of Pages: 186
Published: 2003-06-04
ISBN-10: 9264100377
ISBN-13: 9789264100374

On associe de plus en plus souvent les pays de l’OCDE à des « sociétés en réseau ». Cette évolution conduit inévitablement à s’interroger sur le rôle des réseaux éducatifs. Dans quelle mesure ceux-ci peuvent-ils se substituer aux pesantes bureaucraties comme modes de gestion et comme sources d’innovation et de professionnalisme ? D’aucuns, comme le Professeur Michael Barber dans ce volume, prédisent l’effondrement des grands services publics, dont l’évolution est si lente. Mais si tel est le cas, par quoi seront-ils remplacés et comment garantir que ce changement soi

Author: Sally Faust
Publisher: QuickCraft
Keywords: activites, printable, craft, weather
Number of Pages: 21
Published: 2009-03-19
ISBN-10: 0980605288
ISBN-13: 9780980605280

With QuickCraft, entertaining kids becomes child's play.The software found in the QuickCraft range is so straightforward and simple to use, even young children can access the activities with ease. With hundreds of printable activities, centered on a main theme, each program offers hours of fulfilled hands on experiences yet still encourages children's overall growth and development.Foster children's imagination and creativity with the numerous learning experiences, craft activities and colouring templates while enhancing their gross and fine motor skills. Immerse children in real life maths ex

Author: Lawrence Lessig
Publisher: Random House
Keywords: connected, world, commons, fate, ideas, future
Number of Pages: 368
Published: 2001-10-30
ISBN-10: 0375505784
ISBN-13: 9780375505782

The Internet revolution has come. Some say it has gone. What was responsible for its birth? Who is responsible for its demise? In The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig explains how the Internet revolution has produced a counterrevolution of devastating power and effect. The explosion of innovation we have seen in the environment of the Internet was not conjured from some new, previously unimagined technological magic; instead, it came from an ideal as old as the nation. Creativity flourished there because the Internet protected an innovation commons. The Internet’s very design built a ne

Author: Larry Chang
Publisher: Gnosophia Publishers
Keywords: folk, black, soul, wisdom
Number of Pages: 386
Published: 2007-10
ISBN-10: 0977339157
ISBN-13: 9780977339150

Another book of quotations? Indeed there are numerous excellent extant anthologies of quotations, but these tend to be very broad, with a bias toward canonical and well-known authors; those works which document the contributions of Black authors have tended to focus on African-Americans, considerable as their output is. Undeniable recognition of this prevalence is reflected in the title of the present volume which pays homage to W. E. B. Du Bois classic work and in the preponderance of entries from American sources. Nevertheless, effort has been made to cast a wider net to capture under-repres

Author: Publishing Oecd Publishing
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: politiques, sur, les, march, global, enjeux, mdicaments, sant, ocde, tudes, prix, des
Number of Pages: 239
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 9264044167
ISBN-13: 9789264044166

Les politiques tarifaires relatives aux produits pharmaceutiques sont labores en fonction d'objectifs nationaux. Prennent-elles toujours en compte les incidences transnationales ? La formulation des politiques pharmaceutiques soulve des difficults spcifiques lies la ncessit de concilier, d'une part, des objectifs essentiels de la politique de sant - garantir l'accessibilit financire des tout derniers mdicaments efficaces, par exemple - et, d'autre part, des objectifs non ngligeables de l'action publique, tels que le soutien une industrie nationale de grande valeur. De faon inhabituelle dans la

Author: Sally Ellen Faust
Publisher: QuickCraft
Keywords: activities, printable, school
Number of Pages: 26
Published: 2008-12-21
ISBN-10: 0980605202
ISBN-13: 9780980605204

Foster children's imagination and creativity with the numerous learning experiences, craft activities and colouring templates while enhancing their gross and fine motor skills. Immerse children in real life maths experiences with the many cooking, counting and puzzle activities. QuickCraft also caters for those important emerging reading skills, with activities that promote letter-sound and alphabet recognition to inspire a joy of literacy. These printable activities are quick and easily accessible, to do cooperatively with children or to just free up some valuable personal time.These template
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