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Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
Keywords: food, guidelines, hazards, microbiological, assessment, exposure
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 9241546891
ISBN-13: 9789241546898

Exposure assessment is one of the four steps of microbiological risk assessment, which include hazard identification, exposure assessment, hazard characterization and risk characterization. It provides an estimation of the likely intake of a microbiological hazard in a specific food or a range of foods. It can be undertaken qualitatively or quantitatively and ideally will also provide information on the actual amount of hazard consumed. This volume provides guidelines for the exposure assessment of microbiological hazards in food. It outlines the principles of exposure assessment as well as th

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
Keywords: water, drinking, addendum, agents, quality, guidelines, microbiological
Number of Pages: 156
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 9241545356
ISBN-13: 9789241545358

This Addendum to the second edition of the Guidelines for drinking-water quality contains reviews of a number of pathogens that occur widely in water - Aeromonas and Legionella spp., Vibrio cholerae, enteric hepatitis viruses, and protozoan parasites (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Cyclospora spp.). These review documents supersede, and are more comprehensive than, those previously published in Volumes 1 and 2 of the Guidelines. Unlike the analogous chemical reviews in the Guidelines, the microbiological review documents do not conclude with "safe" or "tolerable" exposure levels for the pathoge

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
Keywords: food, guidelines, hazards, microbiological, characterization, risk
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 9251064121
ISBN-13: 9789251064122

These guidelines provide descriptive guidance on how to conduct risk characterization in various contexts, and utilizing a variety of tools and techniques. They have been developed in recognition of the fact that a reliable estimation of risk is critical to the overall risk assessment. This volume contains information that is useful to both risk assessors and risk managers, governments and food regulatory agencies, scientists, food producers and industries and other people or institutions with an interest in the area of microbiological hazards in food, their impact on human health and food tra

Author: L. Casey Chosewood
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: laboratories, biomedical, microbiological, biosafety
Number of Pages: 426
Published: 2007-08
ISBN-10: 1422315363
ISBN-13: 9781422315361

żBiosafety in Microbiological & Biomedical Labs.ż quickly became the cornerstone of biosafety practice & policy upon first pub. in 1984. The info. is advisory in nature even though legislation & regżn., in some circumstances, have overtaken it & made compliance with the guidance mandatory. This rev. contains these addżl. chap.: Occupatżl. med. & immunization; Decontam. & sterilization; Lab. biosecurity & risk assess.; Biosafety Level 3 (Ag.) labs.; Agent summary state. for some ag. pathogens; & Biological toxins. Also, chapters on the principles & practices of biosafety & on risk assess.

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: series, assessment, risk, microbiological
Number of Pages: 76
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 9251048738
ISBN-13: 9789251048733

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: drinking, water, contaminants, particulate, removal, microbiological, physical
Number of Pages: 73
ISBN-10: 1422331091
ISBN-13: 9781422331095

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: microbiological, contaminants, inactivation, testing, equipment, verification, protocol
Number of Pages: 160
ISBN-10: 1422331970
ISBN-13: 9781422331972
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