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Author: Constance A. Morella
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: committee, hearing, science, house, representatives, disabilities, persons, assistive, partnerships, universally, designed, technologies, developing
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 1998-09
ISBN-10: 0756704316
ISBN-13: 9780756704315

Witnesses: John Lancaster, Executive Director, President's Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities; Gary M. Moulton, Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation; James R. Fruchterman, President & Founder, Arkenstone, Inc.; John Fales, Jr., President, Blinded American Veterans Foundation; & Mark R. Lohman, President, Bartimaeus Group. Appendix: Written Statement of Senator Christopher S. Bond.

Author: Benjamin Page
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: fiscal, year, proposals, budgetary, presidents, analysis
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437931871
ISBN-13: 9781437931877

Contents: (1) The Congressional Budget Office¿s (CBO) Estimate of the President¿s Budget: Results of CBO¿s Analysis; Differences Between CBO¿s and the Administration¿s Budget Estimates; CBO¿s Baseline Budget Projections; (2) The Economy Under the President¿s Budget and Under CBO¿s Baseline Policy Assumptions: How the Government¿s Fiscal Policies Can Affect the Economy; How the President¿s Budgetary Proposals Would Affect the Economy; Economic Models and Results; (3) The Potential Economic Effects of Selected Proposals in the President¿s 2011 Budget; (4) The Models Used to Analyze th

Author: R. Merial Martin
Publisher: R Merial Martin
Keywords: deterrent
Number of Pages: 93
Published: 2005-02-14
ISBN-10: 1413765823
ISBN-13: 9781413765823

Following years of fighting terrorism in the U.S.A. and worldwide, the fight to maintain crime levels has been neglected. Crime is at its highest levels in the U.S., and Vice President Mokski has been unable to convince the president to build a deterrent to crime. There are three mysterious attempts to assassinate the president. Unfortunately, the Maryland governor and close friend of the president is framed and brought to trial. The president's testimony convicts his friend and causes him to have a major stroke, which ultimately results in his resignation. Mokski becomes president and orders

Author: Constance A. Morella
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: committee, science, house, representatives, hearing, millennium, children, technology, skills, compete, educating
Number of Pages: 161
Published: 2000-12-01
ISBN-10: 0756703387
ISBN-13: 9780756703387

Hearing held by the House of Representatives to review the effectiveness of our current educational system to develop the workforce necessary to maintain our international competitiveness in the new millennium. Witnesses include: Graham B. Spanier, President, The Pennsylvania State University; Dyan Bransington, President, High Technology Council of Maryland; John R. Reinert, President, Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering; Stuart A. Rosenfeld, President, Regional Technology Strategies; and Robert Sweeney, Executive Director, Applied Information Management Institute

Author: Frank Freidel
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: america, states, united, presidents
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 1994-06
ISBN-10: 0788170279
ISBN-13: 9780788170270

With a forward by President Bill Clinton, this volume presents the biography of each of the forty-one men who have been President of the U.S. Official White House portraits or color photos appear opposite each biography. From George Washington to William Clinton, the biographies contain information on each President's life, policies, & accomplishments & the issues that faced each administration. Presents a fascinating overview of the leaders who shaped the history of the nation from its beginnings to the present.

Author: Barack Obama
Keywords: words, own, obama, barack, president
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2009-12-31
eBookDB-ID: EBDB032801

These pages share President Obama’s words with our global readership. This book includes the complete text of the 44th President’s Inaugural Address. Also featured are extended excerpts from eight other significant campaign and pre-presidential speeches. It is our hope that while the book itself is small, readers will discover that the vision captured in its pages is large. NEW! Receive daily highlights from this title. Point your web browser or mobile device to twitter

Author: United States, President (2001- : Bush, Committee
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: faith, works, heroic, based, community, america, across, groups, support, report, message, compassion, armies, president, united, transmitting, states, rallying
Number of Pages: 30
ISBN-10: 142892633X
ISBN-13: 9781428926332
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