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Author: Chris Downs
Publisher: Chris Downs
Keywords: devotions, meditations, christianity, book, inspirational, chaos, spiritually, order
Number of Pages: 75
Published: 2011-05-08
ISBN-10: 1461074355
ISBN-13: 9781461074359

As a weekly devotional and meditation, this book will lead you to question your own beliefs to become an even better Christian. Spanning across all kinds of life's great questions, the author aims to help you be the better person you always want to be. This book will change the way you think about life while changing your life!Buy This Book!

Author: Jeffrey Knapp
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: utopia, tempest, literature, america, nowhere, england, empire
Number of Pages: 410
Published: 1994
ISBN-10: 0520073622
ISBN-13: 9780520073623

What caused England's literary renaissance? One answer has been such unprecedented developments as the European discovery of America. Yet England in the sixteenth century was far from an expanding nation. Not only did the Tudors lose England's sole remaining possessions on the Continent and, thanks to the Reformation, grow spiritually divided from the Continent as well, but every one of their attempts to colonize the New World actually failed.Jeffrey Knapp accounts for this strange combination of literary expansion and national isolation by showing how the English made a virtue of their increa

Authors: John Penberthy, Laurie Barrow,
Publisher: Panorama Pre
Keywords: bee, honey, revised, making, there’s, book, beeings, life
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2005-07-15
ISBN-10: 0976864207
ISBN-13: 9780976864202

Now in seven languages worldwide, To Bee or Not to Bee is the story -- clever and spiritually sophisticated -- of a worker bee who, with the help of a newfound friend, finds fulfillment amidst the mindless tedium and chaos of life in a honeybee colony. Imagine yourself in that stifling existence -- build the hive, forage, feed the larvae, store honey and pollen, sleep. Repeat. Throw in some curiosity and spiritual yearning and you get this clever and heartful inspirational allegory. Magically illustrated by award-winning artist, Laurie Barrows, To Bee or Not to Bee is the story of Buzz Bee’s

Author: William J. Clark, Sr.
Publisher: Innovo Publishing, LLC
Keywords: voice, god, designed, heart, pain, peace, feelings
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2010-05-06
ISBN-10: 1936076071
ISBN-13: 9781936076079

The authors of A Disciple's Heart present Book Two in the Keys to Understanding Life Series, Feelings 101: Pain to Peace. Far from being "touchy-feely", Feelings 101: Pain to Peace focuses on a number of spiritual growth dynamics that we often overlook today. It aims to help us recognize when we are being attacked by Satan, and how to draw on who we are in Christ in order to engage more effectively in spiritual warfare. It examines the Scriptures' emphasis on awareness of our old and new selves and provides practical tools to hearing the Spirit's specific counsel and guidance in real-life tria

Author: Kraig Brockschmidt
Publisher: Kraig Brockschmidt
Keywords: halls, technology, transformation, journey, microsoft, mystic
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2007-03-30
ISBN-10: 0615143792
ISBN-13: 9780615143798

Where do you go to grow spiritually? A church? A monastery? India? Tibet? What about the heart of corporate multinationalism? Mystic Microsoft demonstrates that with sincerity and self-offering, God can (and will) guide one’s inner growth in any setting, not just formal religious channels. Here, one of Microsoft’s most visible technology experts during its major growth years relates how his career circumstances were the vehicle for an inward transformation. With insight, wit, and colorful anecdotes about life at Microsoft, Brockschmidt shows how one’s career, like his exper

Author: Chung Fu
Publisher: Inkwell
Keywords: tree, plum
Number of Pages: 282
Published: 2010-09-01
ISBN-10: 188737003X
ISBN-13: 9781887370035

Earth is a place of education on physical experience. These teachings of Chung Fu offer guidelines for finding one 's own higher self.Under the Plum Tree originated from trance teachings by a Fourth Century BPE colleague of Chuang Tze at private homes internationally between 1974-1977. The sessions described the bases for present day tao disciplines such as tai chi, feng shui and martial arts. Students at the readings tended to be spiritually evolved and were experiencing their final earthly reincarnations.The spiritual self is the strongest essence within your world. Your higher self has had

Author: Montalk
Publisher: Lulu
Keywords: beginners, knowledge, fringe
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2010-08-28
ISBN-10: 1607026023
ISBN-13: 9781607026020

When my younger brothers expressed interest in my work, I realized they needed an introductory primer that covered a broad range of alternative subjects in the simplest and most concise manner possible. Fringe Knowledge for Beginners is the result. This book offers the most important and practical concepts known to me in the fewest number of pages, written to be understood by anyone with an open mind. Its goal is to provide an organized sequential overview of our "situation" regarding metaphysics, cosmology, human origins, aliens, the Control System, the Shift, and how to empower ourse
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