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Author: Human Rights Watch (Organization)
Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Keywords: aids, hiv, china, guangxi, province, confinement, mandatory, cycle, drug, dependency, treatment, unbreakable
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 1564324168
ISBN-13: 9781564324160

"In China, illicit drug use is an administrative offense and Chinese law dictates that drug users 'must be rehabilitated.' In reality, police raids on drug users often drive them underground, away from methadone clinics, needle exchange sites, and other proven HIV prevention services. And every year Chinese policy send tens of thousands of drug users to mandatory frug treatment centers, often for years, without trial or due process" -- p. [4] of cover.An Unbreakable CycleDrug Dependency Treatment, Mandatory Confinement, and HIV/AIDSin China’s Guangxi ProvinceI. Executive Summary ........

Author: Travis Griffith
Publisher: Illumination Arts Pub. Co.
Keywords: forever, father
Number of Pages: 44
Published: 2005-09
ISBN-10: 0974019038
ISBN-13: 9780974019031

This tender yet powerful poem expresses a devoted fathers unconditional love and support for his children. From the babys fi rst steps to marveling at the grandeur of the universe and all that lies beyond, he promises to nurture, guide and protect them forever.Transcending cultural boundaries, Your Father Forever is a beautiful tribute to the unbreakable bond between a father and his children. This inspirational offering is a perfect companion to Illumination Arts award-winning 2004 release, A Mothers Promise.

Authors: Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewi,
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Keywords: digital, explosion, happiness, liberty, bits, life, blown
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2008-06-16
ISBN-10: 0137135599
ISBN-13: 9780137135592

“If you want to understand the future before it happens, you’ll love this book. If you want to change the future before it happens to you, this book is required reading.” –Reed Hundt, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission   “There is no simpler or clearer statement of the radical change that digital technologies will bring, nor any book that better prepares one for thinking about the next steps.” –Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School and Author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace   “Blown to Bits will blow you
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