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Author: James Feigenbaum (au)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: three, decades, over, uncertainties, income, household
Number of Pages: 39
Published: 2011-08-01
ISBN-10: 1437987435
ISBN-13: 9781437987430

Studies the trend in household income uncertainty using a novel approach that measures income uncertainty as the variance of forecast errors at each future horizon separately without imposing parametric restrictions on the underlying income shocks. Household income uncertainty has risen significantly and persistently since the early 1970s. Their measure of near-future uncertainty in total family non-capital income rose 40% between 1971 and 2002. This rising uncertainty is likely due to the increase in variances of both persistent and transitory income shocks. The increase was most pronounced a

Author: William Blyth
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: risk, investment, uncertainty, policy, climate
Number of Pages: 145
Published: 2007
ISBN-10: 926403014X
ISBN-13: 9789264030145

Our climate is changing. Less certain, however, is the timing and magnitude of climate change, and the cost of transition to a low-carbon world. This book identifies how climate change policy uncertainty may affect investment behavior in the power sector. For power companies, where capital stock is intensive and long-lived, those risks rank among the biggest and can create an incentive to delay investment. Our analysis results show that the risk premiums of climate change uncertainty can add 40% of construction costs of the plant for power investors, and 10% of price surcharges for the electri

Author: John F. Troxell
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: force, sizing, framework, mrcs, uncertainty, planning, era
Number of Pages: 67
Published: 1997
ISBN-10: 1428913300
ISBN-13: 9781428913301

The uncertainty of the post-Cold War world has left defense planners and analysts debating the proper force planning methodology to pursue, and opened a broader debate concerning the size and purpose of the U.S. military establishment. The author argues that post-Cold War force planning must be founded on a logical integration of threat- and capabilities-based planning methodologies. He addresses the issue of the two Major Regional Contingency (MRC) force-sizing paradigm. The author concludes that in a world characterized by uncertainty and regional instability, the two MRC framework constitut

Author: Robert Shackleton
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: united, states, change, climate, impacts, potential
Number of Pages: 33
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 143792249X
ISBN-13: 9781437922493

Human activities are yielding rising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and other gases and particulates and are also greatly altering the Earthżs land cover. These activities, if allowed to continue unabated, will have extensive, highly uncertain, but potentially serious and costly impacts on regional climates and ocean conditions throughout the world. Here is an overview of the current understanding of the impacts of climate change in the U.S., emphasizing the wide range of uncertainty about the magnitude and timing of those impacts and the implications of that uncertainty for t

Author: Barry N. Taylor
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: measurement, results, rev, nist, uncertainty, evaluating, expressing, guidelines
Number of Pages: 25
Published: 2009-11
ISBN-10: 1437915566
ISBN-13: 9781437915563

Results of measurements and conclusions derived from them constitute much of the technical information produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In July 1992 the Director of NIST appointed an Ad Hoc Committee on Uncertainty Statements and charged it with recommending a policy on this important topic. The Committee concluded that the CIPM approach could be used to provide quantitative expression of measurement that would satisfy NISTżs customersż requirements. NIST initially published a Technical Note on this issue in Jan. 1993. This 1994 edition addresses the mos

Author: Michael Power
Publisher: Demos
Keywords: politics, uncertainty, rethinking, everything, management, risk
Number of Pages: 74
Published: 2004-06-29
ISBN-10: 1841801275
ISBN-13: 9781841801278

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: microanalysis, probe, electron, quantitative, uncertainty
Number of Pages: 4
ISBN-10: 1422318729
ISBN-13: 9781422318720
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