DoD Is Making Progress In Adopting Best Practices For The Transformational Satellite Communications System And The Space Radar But Still Faces Challenges

Author: Cristina Chaplain
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: space, system, radar, faces, challenges, communications, satellite, progress, making, adopting, practices, transformational, dod
Number of Pages: 515
Published: 2008-04
ISBN-10: 1428987835
ISBN-13: 9781428987838

Book Description:

DoD is working to achieve info. superiority over adversaries & share info. seamlessly among disparate weapons systems. Two programs envisioned as a part of this effort are Transformational Satellite Commun. System (TSAT) & Space Radar (SR). TSAT is designed to provide rapid worldwide secure commun. with air & space systems -- including SR -- through radio frequency & laser commun. links. SR will provide global all-weather intell., surveill., & reconnaissance, particularly in denied areas, for mil., nat. intell., & civil users. TSAT & SR devżt. efforts are expected to be among the most costly & complex space systems ever developed. This report assesses DoDżs progress in adopting best practice as both of these programs proceed toward product devżt.

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