The Radical Women Manifesto : Socialist Feminist Theory, Program And Organizational Structure

Author: Radical Women
Publisher: Red Letter Press
Keywords: program, organizational, structure, theory, feminist, women, manifesto, socialist, radical
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2001-03
ISBN-10: 0932323111
ISBN-13: 9780932323118

Book Description:

Politics. Cultural Writing. Founded in Seattle in 1967, the working-class feminist group Radical Women continues to fight for social justice, freedom from oppression, and an end to capitalism. This manifesto covers the history and theoretical underpinnings of the movement, from its marxist origins to the present day, and establishes the goals and structures for Radical Women of today. This visionary manifesto is for today's warriors, wherever we are. It's a brilliant guide toward our common goal: freedom -- Debbie Brennan, Radical Women Organizer, Melbourne, Australia.

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