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Author: Francis King
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: garden, considered
Number of Pages: 378
Published: 2008-09
ISBN-10: 1429013001
ISBN-13: 9781429013000

"In her 1915 work, Mrs. Francis King (aka Louisa Yeomans King) lays out the guidelines by which inexperienced gardeners can plan their own ""well-considered"" gardens."

Author: Robert King
Keywords: king, himself, jehovah
Number of Pages: 554
Published: 2005-09
ISBN-10: 1420854984
ISBN-13: 9781420854985

Author: Howard Pyle
Publisher: Arc Manor LLC
Keywords: men
Number of Pages: 177
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1604506075
ISBN-13: 9781604506075

The year 1400 opened with more than usual peacefulness in England. Only a few months before, Richard ii-weak, wicked, and treacherous-had been dethroned, and Henry iv declared King in his stead. But it was only a seeming peacefulness, lasting but for a little while; for though King Henry proved himself a just and a merciful man-as justice and mercy went with the men of iron of those days-and though he did not care to shed blood needlessly, there were many noble families who had been benefited by King Richard during his reign, and who had lost somewhat of their power and prestige from the comin

Author: Richard W. Barber
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: king, charles, second, james, admiralty, pepys, esquire, secretary, samuel
Number of Pages: 76
Published: 1970
ISBN-10: 0520017633
ISBN-13: 9780520017634

Author: King Solomon
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: manuscripts, british, museum, ancient, translated, solomon, king, key
Number of Pages: 190
Published: 1888
ISBN-10: 1605065781
ISBN-13: 9781605065786

Author: Professor Solomon
Publisher: Top Hat Press
Keywords: solomon, king, book
Number of Pages: 446
Published: 2005-08-02
ISBN-10: 0912509090
ISBN-13: 9780912509099

Professor Solomon claims to have found--and translated from the Hebrew--an old manuscript in the possession of his family. Titled THE BOOK OF KING SOLOMON and attributed to a court historian, it chronicles the life of the celebrated monarch. What was the wisest of men really like? How did he become king? What cases brought him fame as a judge? What were the powers of his ring? Did genies help him to build the Temple? Where did he travel on his flying carpet? What was his relationship with the Queen of Sheba? Did he once wander about as a beggar? And did his foreign wives lead him into idolat

Author: King James VI & I
Publisher: Workes
Keywords: workes, faith, defender, unabridged, facsimile, appended, including, ireland, britaine, prince, mightie, iames, grace, king, god, france
Number of Pages: 686
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 0982225504
ISBN-13: 9780982225509

The Workes is a collection of the writings of King James VI & I, founding monarch of Great Britain and the United States. Although it includes many of the king's most famous writings, The Workes remains practically unknown to the general populace. We once asked an antiquarian bookseller if he had a copy of James' Workes for sale. He responded, "He [King James] never wrote anything."Given the scarcity of this primary source document, it is with great pleasure that the Miscellany Press presents this special unabridged facsimile edition of James' Workes of 1616--we know of no other facsimile or r
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